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OnyxScan LiDAR products are issued after several years of research, combining the experience of UAV engineers, pilots, geomatics and topography scientists with the collaboration of international universities.

As a result, a real aerial LiDAR solution was born, targeting to ease the surveyor's work on the field by drastically reducing the data acquisition time and effort.

Compact and lightweight, our OnyxScan OS-1 ULTRALiDAR is ready to be embedded on any unmanned or manned vehicle.

The OnyxScan OS-1 ULTRA is foreseen with 32 channels, has a range up to 200 meters and generates up to 1.200.000 returns per second in dual return mode. 

The OS-1 ULTRA LiDAR genertates a high points density. This is particularly interesting for aircraft that need to fly at a higher altitude and speed. This is the case for airplanes which have a higher stall speed than other drones. This also allows to have faster and easier dense point clouds.

An RGB camera can be optionally mounted on the OnyxScan OS-1 ULTRA LiDAR, thanks to our specific camera mount, to allow combining laser sensing together with photogrammetry.

Additionally, we also provide a complete UAV-LiDAR turnkey, innovative and efficient solution.


OS-1 Ultra LiDAR *
Type of return:Dual return
Number of channels:32
Measurement Range:200 meters
Points per second:- Single Return Mode: 600.000 points/s
- Dual Return Mode: 1.200.000 points/s
Range Accuracy:Up to ±3 cm (Typical)
Vertical field of view (V-FOV):-25.0° to +15.0° (40°)
Vertical angular resolution:0.33° (non-linear distribution)
Horizontal field of view (H-FOV):360°
Horizontal/Azimuth angular resolution:0.1° - 0.4°
Rotation Rate: 5 Hz - 20 Hz
Laser Product Classification:Class 1 Eye-safe per IEC60825-1:2014
Wavelength:903 nm
Operation time:2,2 hours (per battery)
Telemetry:Real time
GNSS receiver:Multi-constellation & multi-frequency
Time to first fix:Cold start: Warm start: Re-acquisition: ~1 s
RGB camera:Optionally available
Output file format:LAS or TXT
Batteries included:2 units
Battery charger included:100-240VAC / 50-60Hz

* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice. All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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