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Drone LiDAR

Drone LiDAR

Mapping Technology Using Airborne LiDAR on UAV

drone lidar uav survey

The drone LiDAR operation principle

The LiDAR is a device used in many applications including: measuring distances calculating the speed of a moving object environmental sensing estimating the location of…

LiDAR Digital Terrain Model UAV

Aerial photogrammetry and drone-based LiDAR for surveying missions

Photogrammetry: A long history, from its invention to the most modern techniques In 1849, a French army officer had the idea of using landscape photographs…

UAV LiDAR systems

OnyxStar UAV LiDAR embedded systems

The LiDAR technology survey is a reliable and efficient solution, highly appreciated by the Geomatics experts worldwide. Its multi-echo capability allows to scan even through…

UAV LiDAR Features

Designed by experience

User friendly

Designed to face challenges met during surveying missions, OnyxScan drone LiDAR is an all-in-one solution. Intuitive mission planning and post-processing software allow professionals to focus on their expertise.


Flight windows can be short. Designed to be quickly deployed on the field, cold starts take just a few minutes, while hot restarts are instantaneous. OnyxScan drone LiDAR is built to operate in high demanding conditions.


A telemetry link provides useful data from the LiDAR and from the drone.

Pre-flight configuration is performed very easily and the system can be adapted to any aerial laser scanning requirements for manned and…

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LiDAR data acquisition services

LiDAR data acquisition

LiDAR sensing is one of the most powerful technologies to acquire spatial data. If you don’t have the remote sensing equipment but you still wish to collect data for your project, we can take care of the entire process.

This includes mission planning, data acquisition with our LiDAR embedded UAVs…

Data processing

After their collection and the post-processed georeferencing, drone LiDAR data are classified and exported in order to be used in your own GIS software.


We provide specific training that covers the UAV and the LiDAR sensor operation. This includes the automatic drone flight planning and sensing as well as the post processing of the LiDAR point cloud laser files.

The training sessions are tailored to your own needs.

Integration on existing vehicles

Should you already have a UAV or any other unmanned or manned vehicle on which you would like to embed a LiDAR, we can provide the solution to you.

We can integrate our LiDAR to existing systems and combine it with other sensors.

LiDAR data acquisition service

UAV LiDAR data acquisition on demand

About Us

About Us

From Light Detection And Ranging to a UAV embedded LiDAR

About us

Active in the unmanned aircraft manufacturing, operation and data collection automation, a group of engineers, developers and UAV specialists has been hardly working together with geomatics and topography scientists in order to create a highly automated LiDAR complete solution.

The target was to develop a real LiDAR drone (from Light Detection And Ranging) system to ease the surveyors’ work on the field and dramatically reduce the data acquisition time and effort.

By combining several years of remote sensing experience together with the expertise of university geomatics and surveying engineers & scientists, we continue developing our drone LiDAR systems in order to provide you the most versatile UAV laser scanning solutions available on the market.

Contact us in order to study together your drone LiDAR project or to let our teams perform your aerial LiDAR data sensing for you.

LiDAR drone OnyxScan, UAV 3D laser scanner
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Contact Us

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    Would you like to find out how our OnyxScan airborne LiDAR system can be integrated into your Geographic Information System (GIS) data process workflow?
    Should you prefer to let us collect and process geospatial data for you?
    Take a moment to explain us about your project and needs so we can together think about the best LiDAR surveying solution for you.

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